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Mission-Ready Gear from MIRA Safety:

Modern military gear and accessories will help you to be ready for the frontline of defense. From sophisticated gas masks to ballistic armor plates, every item is designed to maintain safety and readiness in the most challenging environments. Accept creativity that guarantees defense without compromise, thereby enabling every project with assurance and tenacity.

MIRA Tactical Level 4 Body Armor Plate:

Designed to provide unmatched defense against ballistic threats for everyone who wears it, MIRA Tactical Level 4 Body Armor Plate is This plate offers amazing durability without compromising mobility thanks to its construction by using high-density ceramic and composite materials. Its ergonomic design ensures that it is easy to wear for long periods of time at the same time as its multi-curve form maximizes coverage and minimizes weight. It meets strict military criteria for ballistic resistance, which include the capacity to repeatedly endure many impacts from high-velocity missiles.

Consists In

  • composite material construction with high density ceramic.
  • The multi-curve ergonomic design gives comfort and movement first priority.
  • light in weight but durable.
  • Provides Level 4 level ballistically protective defense.

Regarding Your Knowledge

  • Made from composite and ceramic materials.
  • Nij Level 4 outlines the degree of security.
  • It depends on the size.
  • There are several sizes to suit a broad spectrum of vest width.


  • Superior ballistic protection.
  • One can have improved comfort and mobility.
  • performance that is consistent in challenging environments.

MIRA Tactical Level 4 Body Armor Plate $249.97

HAZ-GLOVES – Butyl Gloves for CBRN Protection:

Designed to provide complete protection against CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) dangers, these unusual butyl gloves are referred to as HAZ-GLOVES. These gloves offer great resistance to a wide range of possibly dangerous chemicals and biological agents since they are built from butyl rubber of the best grade. Working with delicate equipment in contaminated surroundings calls for dexterity and control; their textured grip offers both of these advantages. These gloves give complete hand protection without compromising flexibility thanks to their smooth design and enlarged cuff.

Consists In

  • a chemically resistant construction built on butyl rubber.
  • The rough surface of grips increases control.
  • The seamless design incorporates an extended cuff.
  • rated for comprehensive protection under CBRN.

Regarding Your Knowledge

  • More precisely, it is butyl rubber.
  • CBRN-rated; this corresponds to the degree of protection.
  • The several sizes that are offered guarantee a proper fit.


  • protections against the hazards presented by chemical, biological, and nuclear materials.
  • Maintains grip and dexterity in challenging navigability zones.
  • fits rather comfortably for extended lengths of time.

HAZ-GLOVES – Butyl Gloves for CBRN Protection  $85.95

MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask – CBRN Protection Military Special Forces, Police Squads, and Rescue Teams

Regarding protective respiratory gear, everyone adopts the MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask as the standard. Its full-face panoramic design lets the best possible field of view and shields against a wide range of harmful gases, vapours, and particles. It also fit optical equipment. Made from durable materials like silicone hypoallergenic and polycarbonate resistant to impact, it offers a safe fit yet still great comfort. Extended usage of integrated speech diaphragms and hydration systems increases general endurance as well as communication ability.

Consists In

  • Plan with a full-face panoramic perspective.
  • a polycarbonate lens having impact resistance.
  • Hyposallergenic silicone makes up the face seal.
  • Integration of hydration systems and speech diaphragms.

Regarding Your Knowledge

  • The polycarbonate lens and silicone face seal utilized here
  • NBC is the protective level; “Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical.”
  • The lightweight architecture adds to comfort.
  • Different facial contours can be accommodated by varying available sizes.


  • This device provides whole NBC protection.
  • guarantees pleasant conversation and comfort between people.
  • For more adaptability, one should choose for optical device compatibility.

MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask  $259.95

MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT Protective CBRN HAZMAT Suit:

Designed to guard against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear hazards, the MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT is a modern CBRN HAZMAT suit leading front in technological development. Made with premium fabrics, the product offers whole-body protection. Furthermore sealed are the seams to stop harmful chemicals from getting into the goods. Its ergonomic design includes gloves and boots into its construction, therefore offering complete protection without sacrificing movement. Extended wear of the suit’s air-permeable fabric and ventilation system efficiently regulates body temperature, therefore ensuring comfort and safety in possibly hazardous environments.

Consists In

  • This product provides whole-body protection with combined gloves and boots.
  • The best degree of protection is given by sealed seams.
  • Described are ventilation systems and air-permeable textiles.
  • an ergonomic design stressing movement and comfort.

Regarding Your Knowledge

  • Material: a high performance protecting fabric
  • CBRN-rated; this corresponds to the degree of protection.
  • The several sizes that are offered guarantee a proper fit.
  • Its ergonomic design calls for minimal weight.


  • offers defense against a great range of possibly dangerous substances.
  • allows for prolonged wear free of discomfort.
  • Provides better mobility and efficiency in running operations.
  • Password for Nuclear Survival:

MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT Protective CBRN HAZMAT Suit   $139.95

MIRA Safety Military Gas Mask & Nuclear Survival Kit:

Having a Nuclear Survival Kit is rather essential for one to be ready for nuclear disaster circumstances. Among the basics in this bundle are radiation detectors, potassium iodide pills, emergency food rations, and gloves and masks as protective gear. Designed for quick deployment and use, these kits guarantee readiness and safety in the case of nuclear events therefore providing peace of mind during uncertain times.

Consists In

  • Radiation detectors designed for level of exposure monitoring!
  • Tablets containing potassium iodide are advised to safeguard the thyroid.
  • meals meant for usage in an emergency.
  • protective clothing, maybe comprising gloves and masks.

Regarding Your Knowledge

  • elements meant especially for nuclear emergency readiness.
  • Since it is small and portable, this facilitates easy access and storage.
  • Included are items required for instant use.


  • allowed one to react fast and offer sufficient defense.
  • guarantees personal survival and well-being should a nuclear emergency strike.
  • thorough preparation for results beyond prediction range.

MIRA Safety Military Gas Mask & Nuclear Survival Kit      $329.95