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Commit Of The Energy Department At Lion Energy:

Using the solar energy company’s boundless power, clean, renewable energy solutions is revolutionizing our future. This plentiful resource will help us lower our carbon footprint and open the path to an environmentally friendly planet. Come along to transform energy use and welcome a better, greener future.

Lion Summit – 530W/665Wh Portable Generator Kit:

Designed for on-the-go power demands, the small, high-capacity Lion Summit 530W/665Wh Portable Generator Kit is Perfect for camping, outdoor activities, and emergency backup; this generator set combines a 665Wh lithium-ion battery for dependable, long-lasting operation with 530w solid power. While several output options—including AC, DC, and USB ports—provide flexible charging possibilities for various devices, its slight weight guarantees simple transportation. Perfect for running small appliances and devices, the Lion Summit delivers peace of mind and convenience whenever you are, thanks to its environmentally friendly, silent running and easy interface.

Features Points

  • 530W: Power Output
  • Lithium-ion battery capacity: 665Wh
  • Portability: little weight and simple carry ability
  • Versatility: AC, DC, USB as several output sources
  • Eco-friendly: silent, emissions-free running
  • Approachable: User Simple to use intuitive interface

Benefits Highlights

  • Transportation: Portable, Lightweight design for simple travel
  • AC, DC, and USB ports for several devices allow versatile charging.
  • Environmental friendly: No emissions, quiet running
  • Functional: Simple interface and quick recharge
  • Durable: Designed to resist outside elements

Lion Summit – 530W/665Wh Portable Generator Kit price is $499 

Safari Expansion Pack (Safari XP) – (2,688Wh, LifePO4):

With LifePO4 battery technology, the Safari Expansion Pack (Safari XP) has a significant 2,688Wh capacity, delivering robust and long-lasting energy storage. Perfect for off-grid life, camping, or as a house backup, it effortlessly combines with the Safari ME for an extended power supply. This expansion pack guarantees consistent, environmentally friendly energy with a long cycle life, preserving efficiency over time. The Safari XP improves your power independence with ease and dependability; it is lightweight and easy to connect.

Features Points

  • Battery Type: LifePO4; Capacity: 2,688Wh
  • Compatibility: Linkages with Safari ME
  • High cycle life for long-term usage is what you want.
  • Environmental Friendliness: No emissions.
  • Portability: Simple design with lightweight

Benefits Highlights

  • Long-Term Authority: Big Two,688Wh capacity
  • Longevity: High cycle frequency LifePO4 battery design
  • Versatile: Perfect for increased energy storage with Safari ME
  • Mobile: Lightweight architecture for simple handling
  • Environmental friendly: Operating without emissions

Get Safari Expansion Pack (Safari XP) – (2,688Wh, LifePO4) starting from $1,299 

Lion UT 1300 BT-Heater Battery (12V, 105Ah, LiFePO4):

Combining modern LiFePO4 technology with robust 12V, 105Ah capacity, the Lion UT 1300 BT-Heater Battery guarantees long-lasting power. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and off-grid uses, it combines a built-in heater to preserve the best performance in cold weather and is made for durability and efficiency. This battery offers a sustainable energy source that improves dependability and convenience in many surroundings using lightweight construction and environmentally friendly running capability.

Features Points

  • Type of battery: LiFePO4.
  • Voltage: 12 volt.
  • 105 Ah is capacity.
  • Built-in heater keeps performance in colder seasons.
  • Durability: Strong building techniques
  • environmentally friendly: low environmental impact

Benefits Highlights

  • Trustworthy 12V, 105Ah capacity power
  • Cold: Conditions Performance: Designed with a built-in heater for low temperature best functioning
  • LiFePO4 technology for a long lifetime
  • Durable building for dependability
  • Low environmental effects make the surroundings friendly.

Lion UT 1300 BT-Heater Battery (12V, 105Ah, LiFePO4) save your time and money; you can easily buy for just $999 

Solar Power Bank (USB A/C Ports):

The Solar Power Bank with USB and AC connectors provides a flexible, portable answer for charging gadgets anywhere. Solar energy offers portable, sustainable power for outdoor activities, crises, or daily use. It fits several gadgets, from cellphones to laptops, with ports, including USB and AC. Its small size guarantees simple transportation in backpacks or cars and is ready to provide consistent energy when most needed. With environmentally friendly running, this power bank offers convenience and peace of mind whether camping, flying, or dealing with blackouts.

Features Points

  • Easy to use: Plug in any USB device that needs power, such as cell phones, tablets, and other devices, and keep the panels facing the sun to recharge.
  • Convenient: It is easy to transport, lightweight, and fits into your pocket, backpack, carry bag or clipped-on.
  • Durable: Rugged design and comfortable in your hand
  • Multi-use: Can power USB devices and has an LED flashlight with three settings (SOS, Strobe, Solid).

Benefits Highlights

  • Portable: Simple to carry for power demands during travel.
  • Versatile Charging: AC and USB ports accommodate many devices.
  • Solar-powered uses sustainable renewable energy.
  • Reliable power supply for outdoor activity or outage.
  • Convenient: Simple design for easy storage and use anywhere.

Save your energy through Solar Power Bank (USB A/C Ports) available at $25 

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